LoveWaffen Tristana v1

LoveWaffen Tristana v1

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About the skin :

Here is another skin that I've been working on.. I've had the files laying around for quite a bit and finally gotten around to fixing the rigging on it

This is my Tristana LoveWaffen sking.
Basically its "just" tristana with a German type stahlhelm.

I've always enjoyed the look of this type of helmet, that said i have not in any way ever enjoyed anything else the German army or anyone who you would connect to this type of headgear have done!

This is a skin.. nothing more nothing less
and i hope you enjoy it either way

Extra Notice:

If you install this skin and you select the facebook tristana skin the thing would most likely screw up!
If people enjoy the skin i might make a different colored version for facebook tristana

Changelog :
v.1 Initial release.

Ps. There is a special place in hell for link spammers

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