▬✖▬ Beast ▬✖▬ skin for Dr. Mundo

▬✖▬ Beast ▬✖▬ skin for Dr. Mundo

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This skin is a tribute to X-Men's Beast.

I decided to leave the cleaver in, since he throws it and I thought it would look awkward if it came out of nowhere, but I took one screenie right after the throw.

I did take out the syringe and the tongue, since they really clashed, so there are a few black particles. Not too bad, though! =)

I hope you like this. Please feel free to check out my other skins!

In response to the comment, I don't have time to do a whole X-man skin collection rihgt now, but here is a forum thread with links to all the ones the community has created thus far that I know about:

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