Sunflower Zyra + Custom Plants

Sunflower Zyra + Custom Plants

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Introducing... Sunflower Zyra!!! This awesome champ has a rather bland and dull default skin, so I decided to brighten her up a bit!

Includes custom skins for her plants as well (see screens). This is a reskin of the Wildfire Riot skin, but she uses the default plant *models* for her Q and W. I preferred Wildfire's E much more than the regular one, and it makes your extra-handy slowing plants stick out a little more on the battlefield (but only for you remember; custom skins are client side only! -_-).

I didn't bother with a custom Loading screen this time... but I may do one in the future. For now, the default will suffice. So instead, I figured out how to include siuinfo.txt in my skins now, so you don't even have to name them when you load them into SIU now! Suh-weet!

Please enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think! Feedback is always welcome. =)

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