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LeagueCraft News

Champion and skin sale: 04.26 - 04.
Starter tier 2 runes to go on 1 IP sale BY RIOT BUBOBUBO

Back in patch 6.5, we halved the experience required to reach Summoner level 30 and saw positive results across the board.

We also mentioned that last year’s permanent discount on Tier 3 runes was necessary preparation to ensure new level 30s could afford viable rune setups.

Hey Vladimir fans (and other concerned parties)!

Here’s the thread to discuss all things vladimir - bugs, feedback, opinions, etc! To get us started, here’s a rundown of the full kit changes (bigger changes to Q, E, and R, so I put those first!

Hey everybody,

Hopefully you’ve had the chance to check out our Dragon and Mage changes for mid-season. We’ve got a bunch of other objective changes to Summoner’s Rift going in the patch, and I wanted to share those + context with ya’ll and take your questions and feedback!

Everything is subject to tuning and future iteration, of course.

Hello all! This is the rough Zyra changelist for the next patch. She's currently playable on PBE, though her Wildfire and Haunted skins' Q graphics are currently bugged (should be fixed soon!

Hello everyone! The new Brand stuff is out on PBE, here's a thread to talk about the changes. I'll try to answer any questions you may have.

Hello all,

Here's a thread where we can talk about what's going on with Cassiopeia in the 6.9 changes. I'll get right into the main changes.

Hi all,

Here's a thread where we can discuss the Malzahar changes coming in 6.9. I'll start by just giving an overview of the changes, with probably a bit more depth on the bigger changes.

Hey folks,

Our mid season initial rundown’s just gone out ( ) and the changes should start hitting the PBE in the next couple of days.

Hey all, I want to talk about some VFX changes coming down the pipe. On Skins Team we desire to make the coolest content possible. For that we often change the look and sound of a champion's kit to create a cohesive thematic that immerses you in an alternate fantasy.