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LeagueCraft News

We’re relaxing gifting restrictions!

You asked for looser restrictions on gifting so we’re relaxing them across the board. From now on, these changes will be in effect on all content and RP gifting.

[Quick visibility thing – we're posting this in English first but getting it localized for all regions as soon as possible.]

Hey folks,

Due to internal miscommunication, two important changes to Quick Cast shipped in patch 5.7 but never made it into the patch notes.

Champion Update: Ryze heads to PBE BY FIZZNCHIPS

One of League’s original 40 champions, Ryze’s gameplay has been largely left alone over the last five and a bit years. Welp, time to change “has” to “had”, because the champion update crew just finished creating a Rogue Mage fit for 2015’s champion aficionados. Alongside his new ability and sound effects, a couple of Ryze’s abilities have undergone some pretty hefty changes.

Hey all!

As we continue to polish and update Summoner’s Rift, we found a cool opportunity to make some improvements to Howling Abyss and ARAM. Without any further ado, let’s break the ice and get things rolling – here is the list of changes coming to the PBE today:

Gameplay Changes; My Mind is Telling Me No:New Summoner Spell on ARAM: Mark/DashAfter analyzing the results of Legend of the Poro King, we realized that Poro Toss gave an across-the-board bump in viability to some historically unpopular picks and helped balance the playing field.

Honor those who fell to Omega Squad Teemo BY RIOT PARADOX

We’re memorializing those who fell to Omega Squad Teemo by taking their skins out of the Legacy vault and putting them on sale from April 7 through April 13.

Remember forever the casualties of Omega Squad Teemo. Casualties of War Bundle - 6126 RP (10,409 RP if you need the champions)

All thirteen Legacy skins and champions for 50% off.

Patch 5.7 notes BY PWYFF AND SCARIZARD Greetings, Summoners.Champion diversity.

You’ve asked for more colors, and now League’s getting more colorful. Chroma packs will roll out with the next PBE update as our exploration into further expressions of your style and personality in League of Legends.

Where champion skins offer alternate fantasies from a champion’s base thematic, chromas serve up a way to further personalize specific champs or skins.

PBE got updated.

Fewer fancy hats but even more rapid fire BY PABRO

How about that new old Ultra Rapid Fire? As tantalizing as the prospect of elevating League of Legends to the pinnacle of high-society competition might be, there isn’t a world in which we could have passed up a chance to bring back a favorite game mode.

April Fools’ Day is a celebration of League’s amazing community, whether we’re poking fun at the 3D fad from a few years back, or releasing a trollish browser game that hit all of our nostalgia buttons like punching in a cheat code.

Disaster during New Ultra Rapid Fire upload! BY PABRO

Around midnight on the east coast, a powerful surge thundered through our upload servers. Despite the disruption of even the security cameras during the incident, we were able to determine that a boisterous celebration of the upload’s success was interrupted when an energy drink upended over the upload terminal.