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LeagueCraft News

Find your favorite past login screens! BY FUN POINTS

While doing a little spring cleaning on the LoL YouTube channel, our login screen artists threw a bunch of their past creations into a League of Legends login screen playlist that we thought we’d share with you guys! Dating back to Hecarim’s login from 2012, you can find almost sixty login screens for champions, skins, and even a couple events.

Display your jungle dominance with Gromp BY RIOT BADTOFU

Okay, good news and bad news. We’ll start with the good news: we heard that a lot of you wanted more ways to customize your League experience with Summoner’s Rift icons, so we’re launching a few new designs to see if you dig them (maybe you saw the Baron icon already).

Now for the bad news: it turns out pizza is still delicious but really bad for you.

Champion and skin sale: 05.26 - 05.

Champion and skin sale: 05.19 - 05.

Find your IRL friends and earn a 4-win IP boost

Earn a 4-win IP boost and find your friends by opting into the new Facebook friend discovery feature. The IP boost offer’s only available for players who have their LoL and Facebook accounts linked for all 24 hours of June 1, with the IP boost being distributed that week. So make sure you flip the switch before then!

Champion Update: Ashe update heading to live! BY FIZZNCHIPS

Having successfully passed through the PBE’s security scanners, Ashe’s update is all set to head onto live alongside patch 5.9.

We’re about to send League’s next champion out to PBE! Ekko’s a powerful skirmishing assassin who thrives in extended fights, using his mobility and crowd control to slow and stun enemies as he whittles down his targets. And if he starts to lose a fight, the brilliant boy from Zaun can rewind time a little and try again.

2015 Mid-Season Invitational Winners’ Bundles


We’re celebrating the conclusion and champions of the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) with limited-time bundles and a celebration sale until May 15th: 2015 MSI Winners - 50% off at 2099 RP (3545 RP if you need the champions)

Edward Gaming, the champions of Mid-Season Invitational, used these champions to defeat some of the world’s top talent. Maybe, it’ll work out just as well for you in solo queue and your adventures on the Rift. Skins included: Goalkeeper Maokai Safecracker Evelynn Ghost Bride Morgana Warden Sivir Infernal Alistar Champions included: Maokai Evelynn Morgana Sivir Alistar 2015 MSI Faction Battle - 50% off at 2587 RP (4446 RP if you need the champions)

This might not be the lineup that won the Mid-Season Invitational, but they represented Noxus and defeated Demacia to win our MSI Showmatch of Casters vs Pros.

Blood Moon Zilean darkens the sun BY RIOT PARADOX

Beneath the sanguine moon, a demon god awakens.

The latest in the series of skins inspired by an ancient sect, Blood Moon Zilean features a new model, crimson spell effects, and enough eldritch power to leave your enemies wishing they could turn back time.

Eclipse the world as Blood Moon Zilean, available now in the League of Legends store for 975 RP.