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LeagueCraft News

The "Nemesis Draft" game mode is now live for testing on PBE. We've been heads down on finishing Nexus Siege, so Nemesis Draft is a nice change of pace, assuming it's all good, we'll hopefully have it in the RGM queue sometime in the near future!

This also doesn't mean we're not working on other modes (similar in scope to Nexus Siege), they just won't come out back-to-back so quickly (if only it was that easy!

Dynamic Queue matchmaking update BY RIOT AEON

A few weeks ago we shared plans to bring back Ranked 5s along with the introduction of ranked emblems and a deeper look at autofill. Now let’s talk about changes to dynamic queue matchmaking to address fairness issues, high tier match quality, and why it’s not easy to earn a solo badge. Premade Advantage

Working together with teammates you trust--from the support who knows when you’re gonna make a risky Flash to the jungler who knows you like to bait enemy top laners into overextending--provides more than just a reassuring voice in chat.

Hey folks,

As we get closer to Worlds, we’re looking to make some key changes to the state of pro play. One particular area of focus is the unopposed laneswap meta of the previous patches.

Laneswapping, while difficult to do successfully, is starting to feel pretty formulaic with few strategic tradeoffs.

New Hextech Crafting components BY KANTAYAMS

PROJECT returns this year with new skins and a new process for joining the First Strike to unlock unique borders for loading screen cards.

As you may have noticed on PBE, we’ve modified the Hextech Crafting system to prepare for First Strike with two new limited-time crafting materials. Introducing PROJECT Cores and blueprints:



PROJECT Cores fuse with blueprints to unlock various types of loot.

Champion and skin sale: 07.19 - 07.
Champion and skin sale: 07.12 - 07.
Champion and skin sale: 07.05 - 07.

For a millennium, the archmage Ryze scoured the world, seeking out ancient runes and storing their power in his arcane scroll. Though Ryze cares deeply for his fellow men, he must forever remain apart from them—this often causes him to seem curt and temperamental to those he protects. The world may have forgotten the horrors unleashed by runic power, but Ryze remains vigilant.

Hello friends! Today, we've put a new feature onto PBE for testing. As the title hopefully implies, you'll soon be able to ping various icons in your HUD to automatically message your team with the remaining cooldown duration.

Champion and skin sale: 06.28 - 07.