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LeagueCraft News

Behind the Laugh: Singed


Waaaaay back when 5.13’s patch notes went live, you might have noticed that we made a tiny tweak to League’s most toxic champion, Teemo Singed:

“Singed now laughs whenever he flings an enemy.”

This 100% necessary and important update was set into motion by QA analyst Joe “ManWolfAxeBoss” Lansford, who was struck in the middle of the night by a bolt of Singedspiration:

“Everyone knows that laughs per minute is the best indicator of Singed skill.

Champion and skin sale: 09.04 - 09.
Champion and skin sale: 09.01 - 09.
An official memo from the Dean of the Academy BY RIOT BADTOFU Official Academy Notification From the Office of the Dean

The following students are hereby suspended henceforth for poor attitudes, vandalism of school property, and violent behavior in addition to a multitude of heinous infractions too numerous to list. The degenerate students currently facing suspension are as follows: Academy Ahri

VIOLATIONS INCLUDE:Sticking gum on the water fountain, texting in class, charming other students into completing her assignments, and blasting instructors with fox-fire. Academy Darius

VIOLATIONS INCLUDE:Stuffing students into lockers, possession of dangerous weapons on school property, brawling, fighting, scuffling, fistacuffing, and dunking on fellow classmates during gym class.

We’re releasing two new ways to interact with and enhance your PROJECT experience in this PBE update.

PROJECT First Strike

Be among the first to unlock new PROJECT skins from 9/8 - 9/15 23:59 PDT and show that you were part of the First Strike with permanent exclusive loading screen cards.

First Strike // 9/8 - 9/15 23:59 PDT

1350 RP: PROJECT: Fiora // PROJECT: Zed // PROJECT: Lucian // PROJECT: Leona 1820 RP: PROJECT: Yi

Week Two // 9/17 00:01 PDT - 9/24 23:59 PDT

975 RP: PROJECT: Fiora // PROJECT: Zed // PROJECT: Lucian // PROJECT: Leona 1820 RP: PROJECT: Yi

Once First Strike ends (9/15 23:59 PDT), new PROJECT skins will be deactivated in the League of Legends store until 9/17 to ensure that First Strike unlocks are redeemed properly.

Champion and skin sale: 08.25 - 08.

TL;DR: On August 25, the NA game servers will move to a new, centralized location inChicago, Illinois. This move, along with other components of the NA Server Roadmap, should improve connection quality for the vast majority of NA players. West Coast players will see an uptick in raw ping numbers, but should also see that uptick mitigated by connection improvements in the form of better overall stability and reduced packet loss.

Champion and skin sale: 08.18 - 08.
Champion and skin sale: 08.14 - 08.
Champion and skin sale: 08.11 - 08.