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Champion and skin sale: 02.09 - 02.
Champion and skin sale: 02.02 - 02.
Dev Blog: Updates and Splash Art BY HUGENFAST

Hey folks, HUGEnFAST here, art lead and splash artist from the Champion Update team.

For a long while, we’ve been thinking about old splash art, specifically splash art belonging to the skins of previously updated champions. As you are likely aware, most champion updates have not been accompanied by comprehensive splash art reworks, creating a problem where certain splashes are outdated or inaccurate representations of what you actually see in-game.

Champion and skin sale: 01.26 - 01.

Hey all,

The next class update will be focused on “traditional” Mages and I’m here to give you guys and gals some of the initial details. Similar to the Juggernaut and Marksman releases, these updates aim to take look at an entire class of champions and accomplish 2 primary goals: Ensure the class as a whole is relevant and satisfying to play Differentiate each champion within the class

Why Mages?Many Mages are intended to lack mobility but have not necessarily been given clear answers as to what they should do about it or why they work without it.

Last week, we began initial tests of new champ select, dynamic queue, and a new matchmaking system in North America and Turkey. Driven by the desire to try new features, we saw millions of games played and more ranked games than any preseason before. Compared to last preseason, as a percentage of total games played, the rate of Normal Draft games vaulted by 264%, and Ranked increased by 45%.

Champion and skin sale: 01.19 - 01.
The 2016 ranked season kicks off soon BY RIOT SOCRATES

Gather up your teammates and get your gear ready, because on January 20 we’re opening up the 2016 ranked season! Missed the preseason updates? You’ve got a few days to catch up on the latest and prepare for a whole new year of GGs.

Shen’s a bit of an odd duck. He’s a ninja who likes to be punched in the face (spoilers: that’s not changing), and while bits of his kit are super unique and impactful, he also sports two painfully generic abilities. He’s been suffering from a pretty severe case ofold-schoolitis, basically, making him a prime candidate for some champion update TLC.